Compressed Air Cone Guide

The cone is placed after the beam focus lens and, its shape enables it to be used in order to guide the airflow exactly to the process point, thus achieving a high cutting and engraving quality. It also protects the focus lens from smoke produced during the process.

Odour Reduction Unit

This unit plays an important role in the user's health because it absorbs smoky odours, smoke and fumes produced during the process of materials such as wood, plexiglass, acrylic, rubber etc. It also protects the mechanic and optic parts of the machine from produced smoke. The unit operates with a centrifugal turbine (500m3/h, 10000 Pa, 1.2 KW) and it includes 3 filtering stages (Pre-filter F5, Main Filter H13 and Activated Carbon filter).


Air Compressor

Portable air compressor, without oil and pressure tank, that is used for the supply of steady flow of compressed air in the process point, thus preventing the firing of flammable materials such as wood, Plexiglass etc.


Laser Beam Expansion Telescope (Beam Expander)

The use of placing the telescope right after the exit point of the Laser source is double: 1) Direct access of the Red dot pointer (Laser diode for the production of the red dot) for its direct and effective alignment with the Laser beam, and 2) Maintenance of beam homogeneity and diameter throughout the work field thus achieving high quality in engraving and cutting.


Auto Focus

A special sensor that focuses on the distance between the last lens and the position of the material to be processed and that it has been placed on the motion head for high precision cutting and engraving.


Smart Media Card

Smart Media Card is an external card with 8 to 128 MB capacity. This card allows the user to move drawings from his/her personal computer to the Laser without a direct connection between the two


Sliding Working Surface

With the adjustment of special sliding guidance on the left and the right side of the working surface the user can slide the surface outside the machine, in order to insert materials more easily.


Double side working surface (honeycomb)

A honeycomb surface specially designed for cutting materials such as wood, caoutchouc, rubber, acrylics, plexiglass etc is attached to the lower part of the aluminum plate. This application allows for the smoke to be channeled through the honeycombs, thus achieving a better cutting quality. The aluminum plate and the honeycomb are glued together with high resistance epoxy glue. The whole structure can be removed and easily used from both sides, in respect to process needs.


Vacuum Table

Special metal structure adjusted underneath the work surface that has a coupling slot with a motor, which produces high under-pressure that amounts even to 20.000 Pa. The under-pressure reaches the lower part of the work surface thus enabling materials such as fabric, leather etc. to be held down and smoke released during cutting to be absorbed.


Double side working surface (aluminium)

The bouble side working surface consists of aluminium sheet on the one side and Honeycomb on the other side. The aluminum sheet is a 1mm thick with 1mm diameter holes (4800 holes). It is used to hold down materials such as fabric (Vacuum Table), in combination with a high under-pressure motor, and also to discharge smoke when cutting.


Display Panel

LCD graphics display.


PC Connection


The PC Connection can be achieved either through USB or Paraller port.


Preinstallation of Innert Gass and Compressed Air

The Preinstallation of Innert Gass and Compressed Air is used for the achieving of the best quality of the processed material. The user can select either Innert Gass or Compressed Air by turning the switch to the proper position.