About US

The company


COMPITE-nt SA was established in 2002. One of the important shareholders is the FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-HELLAS (FORTH)(Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser)

Aim of the Company

With experience in the field of embroidery business and international trade and the know-how of the FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY - HELLAS (FORTH) on laser systems and applications, COMPITE - nt SA aims at being established as a leading new technologies company generally in fields where lasers might have a direct application and mainly in embroidery.

Functionality and Reliability

The management of the company has emfasized in recruiting scientific human resources. Furthermore, it studies modern methodologies in management and in organization of the production line. Factors like:

  1. The organization of the production line based on the model of Line Flow.
  2. Quality control of the ready systems (Quality Control Process)
  3. The development of the R & D Department which is based on high esthetics of the design and in applyance of new technologies.
garantie for the functionality and reliability of the products.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy, based on the constant update of new technologies, focuses in the analysis of the needs of industries, in order to come up with innovative solutions that will become tools for their development and profitability.